Ronan Walker

Ronan Walker

Ronan Walker



  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Senior First Aid and CPR
  • First Aid Management of Asthma and Anaphylaxis

My Inspiration:

What inspired me to become an educator is the idea of working my way up to eventually become a full-fledged teacher.

My Interests:

Visual editing and animals.

In another life, what would your chosen career have been?

Animal based work or IT related work.

Who is your favourite movie character?

Hades from Hercules.

Statement of Philosophy

I believe every child has the right to an environment where they can feel safe and secure. This environment should promote healthy development in the children and provide such experiences in the environment to further assist in this goal.

The perfect environment for children should also focus on play-based learning. Play-based learning is the foundation for children to be able to develop more skills and interests later in life. With this in mind, I believe it is important to provide the children with an environment that is able to keep up with their everyday play and learning.

In engaging with the children in play-based learning there should be signs of positive growth in all developmental domains in a child’s life. Engaging in their play also helps promote trust between the child and the educator which is the backbone to making the whole room work.

In creating this safe and secure environment, I strive to assist the children in any way possible. Through promoting more play-based learning and creating social bonds between the children, this ideal learning environment can exist