Physi Kids

Specially Designed Physical Education Programs


Physi Kids programs are designed by a team that holds qualifications in Bachelor of Physical Education, Associate Diploma Child Care, Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness and a huge range of other specific sports coaching certificates. Physi Kids programs comply with the Primary Physical Education Curriculum, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) as well as the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This means Physi Kids is not just about physical development, Physi Kids also focuses on each child’s self-confidence and social interaction skills. Most of all Physi Kids is lots of FUN!!!

Basic Physical Skills

Physi Kids’ programs are focused on developing basic physical skills in each child:
– Fitness
– Strength
– Posture
– Endurance
– Agility
– Balance
– Speed
– Power
– Ball Handling
– Tumbling
– Rhythm & Dance
– Jumping Rope
– Spatial Awareness
– Sensory Awareness

Personal Growth for Children

Physi Kids’ programs also helps children develop other aspects of their “whole person”:
– Greatly improves self-confidence
– Gives feeling of team involvement
– Teaches taking turns and sharing
– Teaches names of muscles and bones
– Heightens awareness of nutrition
– Creates intelligent performers
– Encourages self expression
– Identifies safe techniques
– Develops problem solving skills
– Instills a love of physical activity

Sports Programs

Physi Kids offer 26 different sports programs that run rotationally, introducing your children to 12 different sporting categories.

The 26 different sports programs include:
– Tennis
– Soccer
– Basketball
– Netball
– T-Ball
– Rugby League
– Hockey
– Cricket
– Gymnastics
– Athletics
– Ultimate Frisbee
– Bootcamp
– Volley Ball
– Music & Movement

Techniques Used to Develop Skills in Children

– Calisthenics
– Aerobic Exercise
– Anaerobic Exercise
– Isometric Contractions
– Isotonic Contractions
– Exploration
– Experimentation

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