Educational Programs

Physical Education

Program by Coach Kay of Physi Kids

Art Education

Program by Miss Mea, Art Director of
Tiny Tiger Early Learning Centre

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Mandarin Language Education

Program by Miss Vivian, Mandarin Program Director of Tiny Tiger Early Learning Centre

“The investment in early Chinese education can help children develop a sense of Chinese, increase parent-child interaction, and stimulate children’s interest and self-confidence in language learning.” – Miss Vivian

Mindfulness Education

Yoga program by Chantelle Emmerton of Mindful Munchkins

Music Education

Music program by Dr Julie Kirchhubel of Musical Circles.

PhD (Edn), MMus (Aural and Keyboard Musicianship), Grad Dip Mus (Perf), BA (Mus) (Dist) (QCGU), Dip Ed (UNE), L Mus A, A Mus A


Musical Circles is a music tuition and music development company that promotes the value of music through the offering of a unique combination of professional music services including Early Childhood Music Programs.


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