Chloe Wu

Chloe Wu

Miss Chloe

Early Childhood Teacher


  • Master of Teaching (Early Years and Primary)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • First Aid Management of Asthma and Anaphylaxis

My Inspiration:

“I can’t change the direction of wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

My Interests:

Running, paper-cutting, paper-quilling.

What is your favourite cartoon character and why?

My favourite cartoon character is Sulley from Monsters, Inc. He is humble and he would sacrifice his personal gains for what he feels is right.

Although he looks scary to the children, he is caring. I love the plots that portray the loving relationship between Sully and Boo. The scene where Sully says goodbye to Boo gets me every single time.

In an other life, what would your chosen career have been?

If I had a chance to choose my career in another life, I would like to run an art studio – to teach people to be expressive offers them creative ways to discover and integrate their mind and mind, as well as to regulate their emotions.

Statement of Philosophy

I believe every child deserves a champion who will rally around them and validate their feelings while continually improving for their sake. As a teacher, I aim to use my expertise and knowledge to motivate, and support children’s learning. My teaching style focuses on promoting children as critical thinkers, confident and independent learners. While teachers’ expectation on children remains important, I believe that children’s self-awareness should be put on a higher priority.

By setting up experiences for children to explore, children are immersed in a learning-rich environment. They are given the freedom to develop and extend their knowledge, through various means such as experimenting with the resources, communicating with peers, asking powerful questions. Children should be the ones to determine the goals they wish to attain. Thus, teachers should act as facilitators, to guide them to find the purpose of learning.