Cher Chen

Chloe Wu

Miss Cher



  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Senior First Aid and CPR
  • First Aid Management of Asthma and Anaphylaxis

My Inspiration:

My inspiration as an Educator is teaching the children to see the vitality in themselves.

Although I’m not their parent, I CARE for them each day. I cuddle, sing and read to them and watch them as they PLAY. I see each new accomplishment, And help them GROW and learn. I understand their language, And LISTEN with concern. They come to me for COMFORT, And I kiss away their tears.

My Interests:

Art works and interactions with children.

What is your spirit animal and why?

My spirit animal would be a horse because horses are strong and capable of getting the job done independently or as part of a team.

Statement of Philosophy

I believe that each child is an individual and as an Educator I will value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning.

I believe that children learn through play. I will provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and imagine.

I believe in cultural diversity. I will celebrate the benefits of diversity with each individual child and enable them to understand and acknowledge differences.

Children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Teaching children is my passion. Security and trust are very important components as well, of my relationship with each child.